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Skilled Insights For Resolving Partnership Disputes

When you choose to work with a partner to build your business, your combined strengths can help you achieve more than you could as individuals. Unfortunately, your company could also be at risk when serious disputes occur between you and your partner.

At Anderson Leavitt, we pride ourselves on drawing from decades of combined legal experience serving businesses large and small. Each member of our team has honed his skills at large Philadelphia law firms, and we use those skills to help our clients achieve resolutions to partnership disputes that reflect their priorities and safeguard their business interests.

Protecting Your Interests While Navigating Complex Disagreements

Business partners will often disagree about how to build the long-term success of their company, but some disagreements can lead to serious disputes. Some common reasons for conflict between business owners include:

  • Failure to uphold contractual obligations
  • Divulging sensitive information
  • Accusations of inappropriate or illegal actions
  • Usurping corporate opportunities
  • Conflict about how work is distributed in the business
  • Disagreements about the strategy for the business or its long-term goals
  • Disputes about who has the authority to make key business decisions

At Anderson Leavitt, our experience supporting the needs of a variety of businesses, including Fortune 500 companies, equips us with a unique perspective on complex business issues. We pair that depth of experience with a boutique approach that allows us to work directly with you to understand your perspective in a dispute, create strategies that support your objectives and provide guidance tailored to your needs.

We understand that balancing your relationship with your partner, your needs and the needs of your business can be complex. Whether negotiating a resolution that allows you to move toward better collaboration with your partner or fighting for your rights in court, we are dedicated to supporting the health and success of your business.

Don’t Let Disputes Derail Your Business

You don’t have to navigate disagreements with a business partner on your own. To get a skilled attorney on your side, call our office at 484-535-7080 or reach out to our firm online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled business law attorneys.