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Safeguarding Your Interests With Employment And Non-Compete Agreements

As a business owner, you rely on your employees every day to guide your company to success. Unfortunately, the trust you place in employees could also make your company vulnerable. Creating strong employee contracts and other agreements can provide protection while making your expectations clear to every worker.

At Anderson Leavitt, we are proud to provide businesses with strategic partners as they make key decisions that define the future of their company. Businesses turn to our team to strengthen their contracts and their companies through personalized, cost-effective legal guidance. We have worked with local businesses and businesses with nationwide reach, and we are proud to bring quality legal guidance to every company we represent.

Crafting Effective Employment Agreements

Whether creating employment contracts or building on those agreements with additional clauses, the decisions you make when creating employment agreements can provide your business with vital protections. Some of the agreements that could protect your business include:

  • Non-solicitation agreements – These agreements forbid employees from using the connections with clients or customers that they made with the company to benefit themselves or a new employer.
  • Non-compete agreements – These contracts prevent employees from working for a competitor within a specific geographic area for a specified period of time after they leave the company.
  • Non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements – When employees handle sensitive information as part of their work, these agreements limit their ability to reveal that information to people or businesses outside the company.

Ensuring that these agreements are sound and can be enforced in court is often a legally complex process, especially in view of the recent trend by legislatures, agencies and courts to limit the availability of non-compete agreements. Our firm is proud to take a detail-oriented approach to build strong contracts that support our clients’ long-term goals and preserve their ability to take action when issues arise.

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