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Personalized Legal Strategies For Contract Disputes

At the core of every business transaction is a promise, and the contracts you create are a way of formalizing that agreement. Unfortunately, broken promises have the potential to drain your business’s resources and impact its growth.

This is where our boutique law firm steps in. At Anderson Leavitt, our attorneys have honed their legal skills over decades of practice, including work with large law firms that represented both local and national businesses. This equips our greater Philadelphia area firm to handle contract disputes with legal strategies that pair the skilled approach of top legal talent with the personalized attention and agility of a smaller firm.

Upholding Your Contract Rights

A breach of contract occurs when one party – whether an individual or business – does not uphold their part of an agreement and does not have a valid reason for that failure. These breaches can include:

  • Failure to perform the service promised in the contract or to deliver the product ordered
  • Delayed payment or failure to pay
  • Delivering goods or services later than promised
  • Providing goods or services that do not match the description provided
  • Performing the work required in the contract but failing to meet the standards set by the contract itself or by the industry

When the people or companies you do business with do not follow the terms of your agreement or if you are accused of breaching a contract, the impact on your business and its reputation can be significant. Thankfully, the right legal guidance can help.

At Anderson Leavitt, our attorneys meticulously analyze the terms of our clients’ contracts to understand the issue at hand and to create a strategy that protects your interests. We then use our decades of combined experience to negotiate a cost-effective solution or, if necessary, to advocate for you in court. Throughout this process, we will provide you with the insights and guidance you need to understand the potential consequences of each decision and help you make informed business-minded decisions that minimize the impact of the dispute on your company.

Take Action With Our Trusted Legal Team

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